Tuesday, April 9, 2019

At last...got it! The Running Chicken Nebulae IC2944

My primary target last Saturday night. This was the main reason why I had to go to Caliraya Lake. This nebula was so low in the southern sky that an excellent image acquisition is next to impossible at least for me. However, it was the difficulty of shooting this object coupled with the unpredictability of Caliraya skies that actually piqued my interest in it.

By the way, I mistakenly assumed that the nebula would fit into my scope's field of view. However, it was too big. I should have used my 200mm lens. Anyway, aesthetics is definitely not the reason for selecting this nebula. It was more of a self-imposed challenge it if was possible to shoot it at Caliraya. Well, after the acquisition and processing I can say to myself..Yup, I got it!

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